Kaha for preserved food co.

Kaha for preserved food co. is affiliated to. Food Industries Holding co. of the first Egyptian companies that established in the field of canning in 1940. It started by one factory in Kahacity ,Qaliubya.

-       It was re-established in feb.1962 as joint stock Egyptian company after adding some factories and merged under one brand and name Kahacompany.

-       It has an important and effective role in providing preserved food for Armed forces during the war of attrition and the glorious October War of Ramadan.

-       In 1991 Kaha Company became subject to the provisions of the business sector law 203 in 1991.  The deployment of the company's articles was printed at Newspaper Egyptian Gazette no.78 in 1993.

-       According to the implementation of the government program to broaden the ownership base at public business sector the Holding sold 90% shares of the company's main investor Auf Group companies represented by Eng/Hassan Mohamed Auf then, the company became subject to the law 159 in 1981.

-       Due to the failure of the investor to manage the company and the accumulation of losses on the company therefore, Holding co. for food Industries has filed lawsuits to recover the company.                                                     Gaudiness has been imposed on the company on 8th of August 2002, according to Alexandria court sentenced for urgent matters. Judicial guard was appointed on the company until it fully returned to public sector supervision.

-       The company has succeeded in managing production wheel and recovered some of local, Arabic and Global markets.

Company Data:

Company address: no.43 Abdel-khalekSarwat ,st., Cairo.

Telephone :23901480-23912662/02



Email:info@kahafoodsegypt.com, kaha_food@yahoo.com